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Disable initial Email Approval Notification?

Hello -


We have a custom object that is a grandchild of Account.  The approval process is on that custom object and are doing an auto submit for records to be approved by our users.  However, we don't want the users to get n email for every single 'grandchild' record.  Just receive 1 email per account record (which we have accomplished via email alert and workflow), however, with the approval notification, our users are getting duplicate notofications.


Is there a way to disable the email approval notification?


So wanted to throw this out there and see what others thought.


What if on the user information, set the receive approval emails to never and then have the initial email be triggered?  The email alerts inside the approval process still get fired, but not the initial one when something is submitted.  Rather, notification would be through a custom template based on an email alert trigger?


It seems to work in my tests [for what we want to do], but my only concern is that user field is editable by the user.  Is there any way to lock down the user information?