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Displaying different page layouts on New and Edit

I've created two page layouts for an object and assigned them to two record types. I need to use the two different layouts in the New and Edit actions for the object. How can I use the record types that I created, in order to accomplish this?


Thank you for your help.


You can do this with workflows.  For all profiles, only give access to the "New" record type.  Then create a workflow that only runs when the record is created and you can use the criteria of Record Type = "New".  The immediate workflow action is to update the Record Type to "Edit".  Once this is activated, all users will create a new record with the initial record type of "New", using the associated page layout.  When they save the record, the record type in the background will change to "Edit" and any edits done there after will use the associated page layout for the "Edit".


Hope that works for you.