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Importing Contacts - Append when merging?

I frequently have duplicate records when importing contacts into salesforce, and therefore, some of the contact information gets lost during the import. I know salesforce does not overwrite fields that are filled on already existing contacts, but is there a way to add information onto the end of an existing field?


We keep track of each contact's source, and if a contact shows up in more than one source I am looking for a way to see that. 


Any suggestions?

From the Accounts page if you scroll down to the contacts related list there is a Merge Contacts button that you can use.  It will ask you which information you want from which contact and will merge the activities etc that are associated from each duplicate contact.  Hopefully that helps.

I've used DemandTools to merge duplicate Contacts in the past, and it has options for each field to overwrite, ignore or append data when it merges.  If your Contact Source is a picklist, this might not work.  If it's a multi-picklist then you could potentially add the different values together into the field.


Check them out at Demand Tools