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Automatically converting web-to-leads

Hi, I recently switched over from VerticalResponse's web-to-lead procedure and I'm trying to emulate some of its convenience and simplicity. (I am using the Nonprofit Starter Kit.) I have been through the support/help files and am empty-handed, so here I am.


1) Is a way to either automatically convert every lead into a contact, or batch convert leads, without creating a task or logging a donation? We have a designation for people who contact us, which is simply "Interested." I'd like to make it so that everyone who signed up through the site was automatically a contact marked Interested with something in their Description field like, "Web-to-lead signup." I have seen some help files about mapping Lead fields into Contact fields, but nothing about automatically converting them.


2) I would like to send an email to the administrator when a new web-to-lead is created. This, I think, is fairly easy and is accomplished from sending web-to-leads in to a queue and notifying the owner of the queue.


Clearly, most of my attention is focused on #1 above, to simplify the process of gathering leads and contact information from the website. Is there a trigger or something I can set up to accomplish this? I appreciate any help.Ryan


Hi Ryan.


Were you ever able to do what you mentioned in #1?  I noticed that no one ever replied to your post.


I wanted to do something similar to what you show in #1 but am also stuck.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you very much