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Web Tabs in Customer Portal


I have created some web tabs in the customer portal. I need to open a new window when the user clicks on any of the tabs. The new window should point to the URL that the webtab has been configured for.


Any pointers on how this can be achieved?



That sounds like a strange user experience to me, but what you should do is make a Visualforce page, and open that new window from the Visualforce page, and set your tab to point to the Visualforce page (which will be blank?).
Mr SlingMr Sling

As I understand it, the webtabs (in their simplest form) are to embed an existing webpage URL within a frame in the Salesforce window.  At least, that's how most of our webtabs are configured (for services we haven't yet integrated into SF).


For situations such as yours where we didn't want our support agents to lose data (IE: click on an RMA webtab and lose their place in the case screen, etc), we created HTML links in:


Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Component > Messages and Alerts

The HTML code for the link to pop-up in a new window is:


OPTIONAL NON-CLICKABLE MESSAGE TEXT GOES HERE <a href="http://yourlinkgoes.here" onclick="window.open('http://yourlinkgoes.here','popup','width=1024,height=768,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,toolbar=yes,directories=yes,location=yes,menubar=yes,status=yes,left=50,top=0'); return false">CLICKABLE MESSAGE GOES HERE</a>


I'm not a great programmer and I'm sure there are better ways/code to do this, but it works for us.  This doesn't answer your question, but I hope it helps!