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Dashboards in custom websites

Okay so I'm trying to get a dashboard to show up in a totally non-salesforce site (company intranet). My first thought was to right click on the dashboard grab the URL that is the source and use that as the source in my <img> tag on the intranet website. To my amazement, it worked, the dashboard showed up in a nonsalesforce site. After a bit of tinkering I have come to the conclusion that the dashboard only displays properly if I have another tab open in the same web browser logged into salesforce.


My Question: "How do I get Dashboards to show up outside of salesforce without making the user sign in  to salesforce somewhere ?"

Mo HansaMo Hansa

Hi there


I am trying to accomplish the very same thing. What would be the easiest solution. 


We have an external site with multiple data sources. One of which would be a Sales Force Dashboard component. How best would we expose the dashboard component on the website.  I have herd of "Sales Force Sites". Would this be an option.


Very important is that the dashboard needs to be user specific. Thus based on the external website login we need to tie this up to display the particular users dashboard


Please Help.