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ADM 201 Preparation


 Can any body tell me the best and fastest way of preparing ADM 201 certification.


 I have gone through the allaboutsfdc sample questions and seen little bit theory but still not confident.


How much differnce would be there in terms of questions appearing on DEV 401 and ADM 201.


Can any body please tell me what to do to get through the ADM 201.







Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Don't be in confused state, just go for it. If you have already done with allaboutsfdc sample questions then make sure you have gone through all topics mentioned in 201 certification guide provided by salesforce. It will tell you what you have to study.



Ankit Arora



You can also check questions in these sites...


it just gives you an idea on how to prepare,what topics to concentrate on