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Salesforce to salesforce connections--- very important

Hi Experts,


Via the salesforce to salesforce connections the following things can be done


If two different customers wish to share data between their Force.com orgs, then they can use Salesforce to Salesforce to provide the data exchange. Salesforce to Salesforce provides a mechanism to set up a formal connection between two environments, determine which objects will be shared as well as which fields within those objects.

Please tell me  how the following points can be done in Salesforce to salesforce connections:


  1. Once the record is external shared, how will the user in the other ORG view it
  2. If an opportunity record is shared, will it share all related data i.e. risk, deviation, project information etc
  3. Can a record be shared without sharing its parent record, like sharing an opportunity without the account being shared
  4. If the ownership of the account and opportunity is diff can it still be shared by the same user? Else how?
  5. Are the updates seen real time in the connected ORGVery very important..


.Pls traet this on high priority and revert to this at the very earliest


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1.The other organization for which you have shared the record,then can view the record

 as if all the fields are subcribed in that destination organization then it shows the record

displays all info also displays mesg This record is externally shared Recieved from Source Organization.


2.If risk,development(these are fields) then if you publish them then you subscribe in destination then you

can see the fields, Otherwise if they are objects then you need to publish these objects also.


3.No if it is Master-Detail Relation then you need to Publish the Master Object also.


4.I didnt try the 4 th one.


5.Yes What ever you update in Source Organization that can be viewed in Destination(all the updates are done automatically to Destination organization).


IIf you had any doubt ask me.








1.For the 3 rd point you have asked for Opportunity and Account,though you dont publish the Account you can

publish the Opportunity.


2.But in the Case of Custom objects,Master-Detail relationship when you publish the Child object fields it is 

not showing the Master object fields to publish.


This is the correction to my  above post.