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CollegeNet integration with Salesforce

Dear folks,


My client is using CollegeNet Online Administration Software As A Service(Saas) from which they are getting Lead records as csv files.


Is there any way to schedule and run a process which uploads the data in csv file generated from CollegeNet in to Salesforce???


Kindly throw some light on this so that I can move forward to achieve this.


For more details on CollegeNet,Please find the link below:



Thanks in advance,

Jagadeesh K.

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

Take a look at using Scripted Dataloader.



Apex Code DevelopmentApex Code Development

Dear Cory,


Thank you very much for your quick reply.


If you have any idea on CollegeNet online Administrative Service Software in relation to Salesforce.com then please throw some light.I was able to create a report and export it to Excel in CollegeNet but I could not understand how that file will be detected by Sforce data loader.Can you please detail me on the entire flow that happens from the generation of CollegeNet csv file to insertion of rows in that csv file as records inSalesforce.com using Sforce dataloader.


Thanks in advance.



Jagadeesh K.