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Task Auto follow by another user

hai friends,


      I have small requirement like , i am creating task to user1 when an account created ,now my clien want that user2 should auto follow that task. How we can achiecve this, Can you any body help me !




Thanks in Advance




    when you create a task , select the checkbox called recurrence and specify the followup task, you have to do this for the tasks that you want to create a followup, but if you want to do it for tasks of sometype you can create a time dependent workflow rule, where the tasks can create automatically once the inital task is closed


hai venu.... thanks for reply,


           I am  not getting what your saying,  my scenario like .... i am creating task to user1, user2 automatically follow that task




here is what i have understood, if you create a new task for user1 then the follow up task should be assigned to user2?


If the above is correct , then create a wfr and the criteria is going to be


owner assigned  = "user1"

status  = completed



     create a new task and assign it to "user2"

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

I think you want to delegate task from one user to another , You need to write a trigger on Task for this.

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

By follow - do you mean chatter-follow?

If that is the case, Chatter feeds are not yet available for activities (Tasks / Events).





     In my organization i have two users,i have assigned task to user1, here what i want is is there possibility for user2 to autofollow that task to know the satus of task1 assigned to user1,like when task1 was completed , task is in overdue....like that.



Thank u





       We can enable feed tarck for Tasks and Events ,just check about that ritesh





Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma

This can be done through trigger:


User2 follow's the Task of User1, as soon as task is Completed or Overdue.

But you need to set additional criteria's.