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How to retrieve the fieldset for USER object through ANT script ?



I've created few fieldsets in the USER object. However when I try to retrieve them using the migration tool (ant script), I see only custom fields and few std fields in the user object file. I've used the same script for custom objects and it worked for me and I could access the fieldsets from the custom objects.


Can somebody help me to get the fieldset retrieved through ant script for USER object?


Thanks in advance!

Anand Agrawal.

Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar

For standard objects, sub-metadata values needs to be explicitly requested ortherwise, it will not be retrieved. However this restriction is not there for custom objects. Can you try once specying explicitly?


What is sub-meta values ?

Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar

FieldSet is not a highlevel metadata component but sub-component of a CustomObject. So to retrieve the Fieldset you need to explicitly prefix the Object name. That's why I referred to it as Sub-metadata type.


I tried accessing it by prefixing with std object. For examplae... for the "FS1" available in the USER Object, in the project.xml file I mentioned.




Like wise I tried all the P&C for std object and fieldsets.