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Kalpana ReddyKalpana Reddy 

high volume data loading

if we are loading millions of records into salesforce (using data loader or informatica)

what are the affects of data loading and using app at the same time. i.e since we are loading

large volume of data and at the same time people are using the salesforce through front end?

do they see any performance or slowness running the reports or displaying the detail page info or

related list data?





From Salesforce point of view there is no issues but as per bandwidth gets divided in both process so user feel like some issue but these are any technical issue/problem any way.

There are few things you need to make a note of:-
1) There could be some apex error , If your trigger code is not bulk safe.
2) If you have new added validation rules , then old records might throw validation errors.
3) there is also a chance of receiving the following error: unable to obtain exclusive access to this record.
If a user tries to update a record which is being processed by your dataload/Job.