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Primary Contact listed under Recent Accounts

When I select "Accounts", a list of recently access accounts shows in a list. That list shows across: name of account, account phone number, record type and primary contact. 


Althought I have created a Contact under the Account and noted it as Primary, it still does not pull to this screen. 


Per someone in the other forum, "The field displayed on the "recent account: list is on the Account. The primary contact I am setting is on the Contact".


Any idea or help would be appreciated!

I guess you select your Contact as primary contact in 'CaseContact role' or in 'Opportunity Contact Role'.Both these objects are totally differnt than Contact. Or may be you have created a custom field on contact to mark it as primary. This would not help you view your primary contact on the Account view. Rather if you have a custom field on Contact to mark it as primary contact then create a view on Contact tab and set the filter to view only primary Contact and also select your Account field to display on the screen. I hope I was able to answer your question. Let me know if you have any additional question.


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If I understand correctly, you are clicking on the ACCOUNTS TAB and are getting the list of recently viewed accounts, right?

If this is what it is, then I believe that you are on the Accounts Tab landing page, where you have sections like Recent Accounts, Reports and Tools (correct me if I am wrong)


Do take note that this screen will not show you the Contacts (Primary or Secodary) that are related to your Accounts. Reason for this is coz this is the landing page for Accounts, while Contacts is a separate object with a tab of its own. Even though Accounts and Contacts are related, there is a one-to-many between Accounts and Contacts i.e. an Account can have multiple Contacts. 

This screen (the Accounts tab landing page) will only show you FIELDS that are on the Account and not the related list records (related objects)


Hope this helps! Let me know if you still have any queries!