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Insufficient Privileges issue while opening reports other than system admin profile

Hello Everyone,


I have created new report with "New Accounts" under "Supplier Owner" Report type. I am able to view the report in System Admin profile but not other profiles.


Getting 'Insufficient Priviliges" issue while opening the report other than system admin profile(ex:Account Manager profile) and update below settings for the profile.


Manage Public Reports - True

Run Reports -                     True



Is native report types are only accesible for System Admin profile?

Identified other report too - All Pending Approval Requests


Can someone clarify the above questions! How to view  reports which created by salesforce native report types other than system administrators?





One thing that you may want to check is the access permissions for the report folder where the report sits?




I checked the report folder permssion and it has been enabled for "This folder is accessible by all users, except for portal users" with this option.


I got the solution to view Account related reports with out insufficient priviliges issue other than system admin profile.


Set up->Administration Set up ->Security Controls>Account Owner Report-> Enable the ‘Allow all users to run the Account Owner Report’ check box and Save.


I could't find the solution for 'All Pending Approval Requests' report to view other than system admin profile. Please share if you have any ideas