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OWD, Profiles, Assignment rules

Can org. wide defaults, sharing rules, profiles, lead assignment rules be moved from sandbox to production? if so how? Please help. Thank you

Went threw Sharing Rules with Salesforce last year at a conference and after two hours the answer is no. 


This is a gap that should be addressed as in the bigger enterprise sites these things are very important. It stopped us being able to to do release management properly as our users had a thing about data visibility. 


Salesforce seem to be concentrating in this area of late so hopefully it was fixed (didn't see anything and I was looking) or will be addressed soon. Other systems use this as a stick to beat SFDC in enterprise.




I have seen profiles listed as metadata when I add files to my Eclipse IDE Project. Can these be moved using the deployment methodology?

Can any of these custmizations be moved?


And that is the question?


These areas are not on the schema so Salesforce would have to give API access to them. How hard this is goes past my knowledge?


I generally try to use Workflow rules much more for Assignment rules for this reason..


Hopefully SFDC gives us more access soon. They must have it some where because they use it when going the other way when refreshing config sandboxes.. We just need to be able to deploy the same stuff in much the same way...