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Does the AppExchange DataLoader support imports to Salesforce Content (yet)?

I have seen a couple of similar questions, but no definitive answers, to the question of whether the DataLoader can do a mass import into the new Content object/application in the way that it can import Documents, for instance.


Import Documents using AppExchange DataLoader


We don't have Content at this time, but we are considering it, and have several thousand files (not records) that we would like to import and make available through Content.  If the process is similar to the one described for importing to the Documents tab, you would create a CSV file with the Titles, Workspaces, tags (perhaps), and the file path, and once the mapping was completed the import would pull in all the associated files and apply the Workspace, tag and title information, and any other relevant fields/values, and Content would be ready to go.


Presumably there would be a Publish field of some sort as well.


I understand that Salesforce's internal Project team has a tool for this; does anyone have experience with Salesforce Content and doing a mass import such as I've described, or with some other importing tool/process?





The answer is currently no. Data Loader 16.0 does not support Content.
Data Loader 17 does allow you to import into content from a url or local drive.