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How to assign lookup value to record name



I am using "contact" to store some of the contact details of clients. I have another custom object "client details" where I am storing more information about the client like client history, current employment etc. The "client details" has a lookup relationship with "contact".  The "client details" has a standard field "Client Name". How to assign contact name which is a lookup field in the  "client details" to the "client name"  standard field? Your help is greatly appreciated.


Lookup field cannot be assigned to "ContactName" standard field as it a text field and the lookup is a reference field which stores ids, only in the detail it shows the contactName if the lookup is to a contact or Account name if the lookup is to a account, of simply the name field of the objecxt which is related to the lookup field.

In case it is very vital that you want to bring the contact name on to your custom object, you can achieve that by mean of creating formula field - where the formula can be as follows:-

 Contact__c. name      or     you may use  Contact__c. firstname + " " + Contact__c. lastname



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Create a workflow rule which will update your "client name"  standard field same as "contact name" lookup field info.


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