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Already created object fields have null for new required fields

I have a managed package that I plan on shipping out, but I am worried that a newly created required field will cause problems. It seems that already existing objects will have a null for this new field even though I specified a default ($0). This is causing the sforce javascript api to break since it can't parseInt a null. One thought I had was to use the dataloader and update all the fields to 0 for everything first thing after the upgrade, but that would be a lot of work to do this for all the customers. Another thought was to make an update script to initialize the old objects to 0, but that only can update 200 records at a time. What is the standard practice answer that can scale?

Hi  ,

In your query itself you have indicated the solution. We have been upgrading our clients for our product's  newer versions on a regular basis. Our preferred route is data loader for any such issue, as with scrits apart from 200 limit it is bit cumbersome. So I vote for data loader.

Besides in the dataloader route the error and success files will provide a way to verify the data updated.


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