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Email to Salesforce - Associate to Case?

HI --- I asked this question before but I think the answer and my reply got buried over the holidays, so I will try one more time before telling my users that it can't be done .... :smileytongue:


If an email is sent to a client contact and the sender BCCs their "email to SF" address, the e-mail goes into an unresolved Task.  This task automatically defaults to being related to an opportunity, although if SF identifies the client contact's e-mail address as one logged in SF it will automatically associate the Task to the Contact Record.


Is there a way to configure the email to SF feature to detect a Case # and automatically associate it to the Case?  The first response that I got said to add the URL link to the case into the email, but that still doesn't associate it to the case.  Can this be done at all?


Not without some kind of an Apex trigger, no.  Have you considered turning on Email To Case though?  Email To Case will add a little ID to outgoing emails which, if it's retained in the reply and the Email To Case address is copied, will automatically associate it to the case.



    I am trying to expand the discussion further. What if I want to send an email regarding a case by not replying back to the previous email from the case owner?


Is there a way that salesforce detects the case number included in the subject or body of an email and send associate it to the case.


Yes, if you just click Send An Email from the case, even if it's not in reply to any specific prior email, it will put a thread ID in there that allows any replies to that email to be threaded into the case.