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Email Template Usage Report

Is there a report type that returns usage of standard email templates?  I know about the HTML Email Status Report but that is returning no results even after turning all filters off.



Rhonda RossRhonda Ross
Not through a report, but there is a way with Data Loader to get this information:

1. Login to Date Loader
2. Choose Export
3. Check the box labeled "Show all Salesforce objects"
4. Select the object "Email Template (EmailTemplate)"

The fields you specifically want to be sure to include are:
TimesUsed and LastUsedDate

The counts do not include use of the templates by workflow, etc.  Just includes emails selected by users through the UI.

Would be way better though if you could simply run a report to get this info. and if it included everything 
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Lyndsay Maby 16Lyndsay Maby 16
Data Loader definitely worked! Thanks for posting!