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Unable to delete record type

I have a record type on one of the objects. When I try to delete it, there is an error messages which says that i cannot delete it since it is set as the default on 2 profiles 'Chatter Free User Profile' and Chatter Moderator User Profile. When I navigate to either of these profiles, there is no way to set the 'Record Type' to default to '--Master--' and hence I am unable to delete the record type.

Appreciate if someone can suggest some workaround. Thanks


To use -- Master --, you have to first remove ALL other record types from the selected record types list. Click on the record type and click Remove. The list on the right will read -- None --. Now, add -- Master -- to the list, and finally click Save.




If not, how about this?



You need to search the Profile ID of Chatter Free User or Chatter Moderate User and type it into the URL of profile editing page directly.


The profiles of Chatter Free License seem to be different from the others...