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Duplicating Opportunity Products in and between New Objects

We have two completely different lines of business both using the standard Opportunitiy Products & Opportunities, so we are trying to split one business line away. We have five new custom objects for the new business, but we cannot figure out how to duplicate the standard Opportunity Product function to use a field from each of these new custom Objects to create a product & price list of something a customer orders within the business line. Can anyone suggest what to do?


My recommendation... Don't go that route. Salesforce supports splitting an object into predefined boundaries natively, so you're only asking for headaches to go about it any other way. You can create substantially different records and views of data based on the same core functionality by leveraging some or all of the following features:



  • Page Layouts
  • Profiles
  • Record Types
  • Field Level Security
  • Sharing Settings
  • Territories
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Price Books
  • Business Processes
I once heard of two organizations that were sisters; for legal purposes they had to have completely distinct sets of data that could not overlap. However, they wished to consolidate their business costs by using just one organization. By using the features above, they created a system where each of the two organizations had radically different views, business processes, reports, etc. Neither could see the others' data, and they had system administrators in place that could handle modifications to business logic for just one side without affecting the other. It did take some discipline to make sure they were kept in compliance with applicable laws, but they were able to achieve this without resorting to a single custom object for standard functionality. If they could do it, you too can surely achieve a similar effect.
You can create report folders with limited visibility, list views tailored to each business line, radically different layouts using either record types or profiles, and so on. Trying to recreate the wheel is something that many organizations go about at some point during their usage of the platform, and it typically is not necessary. Salesforce is packed full of features that allow administrators to create a system perfectly tailored to discrete groups of users without affecting other groups of users.