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I am receiving pornographic organic leads from Google through my website, how do I stop them?

I've tried calling Google, Go Daddy who is our server for our web site and just about anyone who I thought could help, I started getting these about a week ago . Has anyone else run into this problem and are there any solutions out there?

Here is a typical e-mail address from where they are being sent tlhgfmqhvu@lxrrlf there are many other addresses but they are all in this form.

I get anywhere from 30 to 70 a day............ Please help!


You could create some Javascript to do a SPAM check before the form is submitted or create a Trigger that checked the data BEFORE INSERT for spam.  Personally I'd just do the Trigger.


You might be able to also use a Lead Assignment rule to filter out bad Leads and assign them to a junk queue.  Triggers are easier for me, but maybe Lead Assignment is the better method.