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Shiv ShankarShiv Shankar 

Pricebook entery

Will some body explain how product, pricebook, pricebook entery works in to the system.

I have added a product , activated it, entered it's standard price in standard pricebook also , but i m not able to see this product when i click on opportunity line item....event though when it asks for pricebook....there i m not able to see standard pricebook also as a pick value.......

please help me to understnd this system thanks




For that click product tab go down and in Maintenance section click mange pricebook and activate the pricebook then it will show in your sected picklist.






After creating a product, you need to enter the standard price, then you need to include a pricebook from where this product belongs. When you create the opportunity line item, you need to select the correct price book from where your product is stored.


if you were not able to see the price book. - check on the pricebook's sharing settings.


if you were able to see the pricebook but the product. - check on oppty's currency, the product and opportunity should be the same.