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Pedro Da GreatPedro Da Great 

What on earth are the API limits for PE via Managed Package

I've got the API token. Keep blowing the governor limits with API calls. Getting the message:


REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequests Limit exceeded.  


In Enterprise/Unlimtied I can go to the Company Profile and see the calls used vs the calls remaining. How can I do this via PE? Posted this to Salesforce support and even though we have paid support they just close the ticket out saying they don't offer developer support. The documentation is terrible in this area and is in no way, shape or form, clear about the limits. 


If you login to Enterprise Org > Setup > Company Information you can see how many API calls have been used in the last 24-hrs. Now my quesiton is, how is this number obtained for a PE org. I can make API calls to a PE org with my token but I exceed the limits at a certain point. So, what are the limits and how can I see them inside Salesforce or obtain them through code. 


Same with Future calls, how many do I get for PE? 


Rate limit should be the same as Enterprise Edition, and depends on total licenses held by the organization. See this page:




If a limit isn't viewable under Company Profile, you'd have to contact support to find out if your rate limit is correct, what your current usage is, and to request increases to this limit.


Future calls are the same for all editions: 200 per license per day.


I've read in the literature once that some limits are namespace specific, meaning each namespace has its own set of govenor limits, but I know that the API-call limit is not one of those, although I am unsure about @future calls; I'd have to test this to find out.


Also, most API limits are rated on a rolling 24-hour window, so if you had a large run of transactions on a given day, midnight won't cure your limits, as you'd have to wait until the hour after the large transaction set ran.


You can request a temporary increase in your limits (preferably in advance, if you can anticipate the surge) by contacting support. They can grant small increases for a small period of time, and a PM can grant a larger increase for about the same amount of time.


Use this sparingly, as they can choose to deny you if you make it habitual.


Also, if you feel you're not getting the calls-per-day you are entitled to, I'd contact support and have them verify what your limit is set at. The order system usually gets it right, but it has been known to set a much smaller limit than what you think you have.