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Problems when conneting with eclipse

I have installed the Apex plugin for eclipse.
Everything was fine BUT for some reason I can't start writing a new project.

When I am trying to open a new project i get a window asking for user name, password, and security token.
Well user name and password i guess were fine but security token...
I have received a security token to my mail account than i copy & pasted it on the security account textbox
but still i get an error message "one of the entered details are wrong".
What I am missing?




Hi minci,


To start a new project you need to configure project name, username, password security token and enviroment.

Username should be the email you registered, the password is the same you use to login to your org, and check you are selecting the correct enviroment type for your org.

To get a new security token go to:


setup  > My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token > Reset Security Token


You will recieve an email with your new security token.


Hope this helps,




I would add two things.


1. Have you made sure that you can login to your org first with the username and password first?


2. The username is not necessarily your email address because you can assign a fictitious username foo@bar.com with your actual email address for contact for this org when you first create it.  There may be multiple developer orgs where the contact email is the same, but they have different usernames. Make sure that you are using foo@bar.com. You must use the username assigned, not the email address.