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Updating Contract End Date via integration

As part of our integration, we bring in contract data from a different source and insert/update them into salesforce Contract object. Everything works fine except that the End Date (Contract's standard field) ends up being NULL even though there is a valid date in the correct format in the source. We don't have the same problem with the 'Start Date' field. I suspect that the Contract End Date is a bit special -- but I have no problem updating it directly in salesforce! So I wonder why it doesn't let me put a date in there via integration!


I also noticed that you can't build a Field Update (workflow) to update this standard End Date field!


Am I missing something? How can I update this field?


Any help is appreciated.



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Issue resolved. There was nothing wrong with the End Date field or any logic. I just had to rebuild the mapping in Informatica from scratch. Something had gone out of whack somewhere though the mapping was all 'correct.'