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Difference between



           Can any one explain difference between Desk.com and Email to case in salesforce.


        May i know in which situation we use the desk.com and which situation we use email to case.


       for desk.com i have to purchased a licence version,for email to case i have to purchased any licence or it's free of cost.




Desk.com is an app which integrates salesforce with desk.com for sales and support teams to gain a complete, shared understanding of their customer, and deliver exceptional customer service over any channel.


Email-to-case is a functionality by which you can log a case with salesforce.com by sending an email to a particular address.


For details refer following links:





Vijay NagarathinamVijay Nagarathinam



Desk.com mean  


1.Desk.com is a help desk solution focused on today's changing support environment.  An environment where customers are not only talking to you, but also about you. 

2.Utilizing Desk.com's real-time agent interface allows you to handle both traditional 1-to-1 communications as well as monitor and respond to social media.  

3.Every customer communication is actionable and reportable, allowing you to easily manage your support needs.


you refer the link and you get clear idea about desk.com