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Web to Case



            I am working with web-to-case.


            i created a web-to-case form from admin account when i enter all details in that form and click submit that case details are showing in the  admin account only. But the case details are not showing in the user account


          Can any one explain me what can i do for user account to show this case details.




By user account do you mean Account for which the case is raised? If yes, then confirm if you are providing Account details while creating case through web-to-case.


Also make sure in the case page layout account name field is added.






          We are using Enterprise edition 


       for that we have Admin1, from that i created a user1,user2,user3


      i created a web to case form from Admin account when i give that form to customer, he simply enter the details that case details is showing in Admin1 account only not showing in user1,user2,user3 


    May i know what can i do ....??


It seems user1, user2 and user3 do not have permission to access Admin account. Could you check the profiles of the users, if they have proper access. Is the OWD for accounts is private?