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online store - package maker - fishing for ideas

I have an online store selling Sessions.

Each Session has multiple presentations.

A Session Package is made up of multiple sessions.


A session looks up to it's parent, which is a conference object, since we have yearly conferences.


I need a way to associate multiple sessions with multiple packages.

Package1 = Session1, Session2,Session18

Package2 = Session1,Session12,Session14

Package3 = Session12,Session14,Sesson2


I cannot use the master/detail or lookup, that forces me to use too many objects, also, I already have relationships on those objects.


Any ideas on how you would create this package builder?




This seems to be perfect use case for Many-to-Many relationship in salesforce, which we can achieve through junctions object. Please see below link which will help you:-




You have to create a junction object, which will store Id of bothe package & session records in your case.


Please let me know if doesn't help you.


Happy to help you!



Digamber Prasad


I think this may be too many clicks for my users.

I need something very user friendly.


This many-to-many seems a bit convoluted for simple users.

It can work, but I'd reather do something different.




As you said, there will be too many clicks for your user, I agree with you on this, only if you use custom page layout to have this. You always have option to keep this model of many-to-many relationship in background and wrap this with some very fancy & easy to use UI through VF page.


Let me know if you need more information on this.


Happy to help you!



Digamber Prasad

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