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Create new sandbox based on design of another sandbox

I want to make a new sandbox ("SandboxB") which is a copy of an already existing sandbox ("SandboxA"). It looks like in order to do that I will have to first make the new sandbox a copy of Production and then change it to be a copy of SandboxA by deploying the entire environment of SandboxA to the new SandboxB. 


But this is a very inefficient way to do it. Since Prod and SandboxA are very different, making the deployments will be extremely tedious due to inevitable errors during the deploy process due to dependencies of new or deleted fields etc.


Is there any way to create a new Sandbox besides making it a copy of Production ?


If I cannot create a new Sandbox based on the design of an already existing one then I supposed an ideal scenario would be able to create a new Sandbox which is a bare-bones Salesforce environment with only Standard Objects and standard fields and no customization whatsoever. Then I could just deploy everything from the existing Sandbox into the blank one and have a copy of that already existing sandbox.


Does anybody know of a way to do what I would like to do ? 

Thank you for your input.


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Unfortunately there is no option in salesforce to replicate another sandbox without a copy of production (atleast initially).
You will have to copy the components over with the ANT / Force.com IDE.

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