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Is sales force good for my need ?

Hi-I am new to sales force and planning on learning it. I wanted to ask if salesforce will be a good choice for a requirement where all employees of company can submit daily timesheet, put some daly notes , role level access of few pages , userid/password sign up.


if lets say around 30 -50 people are using such a system , how much that costs ?


Please let me know

Your requirements are possible through salesforce. Either you can customize salesforce or use the Force.com Platform to add your own custom code.
Regarding costs, you will have to check the pricing page. I think Force.com Platform licences will help you here as your project will not use any of the standard objects in salesforce.

Satish Kumar

Yes based on your requirment salesforce is best for you...


There is lot of edition available in salesforce, to know more about edition





To know more about each edition limitations, follow this link.