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Changing the Email Alert 'from' email address

HI All,


I currently have an Email Alert setup as the output from a Workflow when a new record is created. This is all working fine.


However, I would like to be able to change the 'from' email address.


It shows my email address, but i dont want to display my email address .


Ideally I would like this to be 'no-reply@my_company_domain'.


How can i acheive this?





Hi Shailu ,


     You have done a very small mistake.In your workflow rule go to your Email Alert and change the From Email Address in the bottom from Current user's Email Address to Default Workflow User's Email Address.


If u want 'no-reply@my_company_domain' as your from Email Address. Create one New user with the name 'no-reply@my_company_domain' and assign that user as the Default Workflow User's Email Address in


 Setup -> Workflow rules -> Settings ->Default Workflow User's Email Address.


Set the From address Email Address like this and if u find my ans correct. don forget to give kudos to my post :)



Nithya / Salesforce Developer


Do u want to Change from Email Address right?


For example, you need to change from mail id from xx@gmail.com to no-reply@my_company_domain(This email Should be a valid one)


If yes, Go to My Email Setting under Setup or My Setting, Change the Email address and save. once you saved your desired email address you will get verification email. Once if you verified all email then all email will go from no-reply@my_company_domain.