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Package Trail Orgs

Hi friends,

Did anybody aware of trail orgs, I have a managed package and I need to show demos to clients in a trail org.

If anybody knows about it please provide some information.



Hi Anusha,

Do you mean 'trial'/demo org? Is this your managed package that you built and posted on the appExchange?


From your managed org(Trial force) you need to create Dot file (setup->develop->Trialforce). Once you created the template the system will generate Template Id.


You have to raise a case to salesforce with latest template Id and Form Id (Form Id- it is html template and have simple registration steps to create new Org - it is provided by Salesforce)


Please raise a case to salesforce if you do not have Form ID (they will generate and help you further)






I don't see Trailforce link under the Develop.

I logged a case to support to enable trailforce.