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Integration of Ruby app with salesforce canvas

Hi ,


I am trying to integrate an ruby app which  is deployed on Heroku with salesforce canvas . But I am facing lots of issues . Documentation that I found on net were only in context of integration of salesforce canvas with a java app . Can somebody has done sanvas and ruby integration?  If anyone have any link related to same it would be very helpful .

Thanks in advance .




As part of the Heroku Quickstart, we provide both a Java and a Ruby Template.  The easiest way to get up and running is to spin up a new Ruby template app and then you will have the source code which points to the canvas pieces.


To create a new app:


1. Login to salesforce

2. Go to Setup > App Setup > Canvas App Previewer

3. Click the "Heroku Quickstart" button at the top of the page

4. In the pop-up, select the Ruby Template from the dropdown and fill out the rest of the field

5. Click "Create"


This will clone a Ruby app into your Heroku Account, Create the Canvas App on the salesforce side, and then tie them together using the Canvas App consumer secret.  From there, you can use the heroku toolbelt to pull the demo app to your local machine and view the source code.


Ultimately, ther key pieces are:


1. Making sure your app receives, verifies, and decodes the Signed Request

2. Making sure your app uses the Canvas JavaScript SDK to communicate with salesforce.


Hope this helps.