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Disable Reset Password from the user layout

Hello, is it possible to remove the 'Reset password' button from the user layout?


I want override this button or remove him and create an other.


Thanks for the responses.

You cannot remove 'Reset password' button from User page layout.

Hi  Aurélien, 



Only after the email Saleforce servers redirect to your Instance and its is similar login page for all the Salesforce user across based on the Multi tenent architecture. 


However, we can customize the communities login page if needed. 


Another option is having your Internal IT create a Login screen and with the Username password you can redirect to Salesforce login in the background using DNS and URL hacking. 




Mubeen Qawi HWXMubeen Qawi HWX
No one cannot remove the Password reset button for User detail page. If you don't want that button to show up for users assigned to certain Profile then remove 'Unlock users whose accounts are locked, and reset user passwords.' Users Permissions from the intended Profile(s).