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How to translate description fields

What is the best way to translate description field values? I would like to provide a way to store product description in different languages. I also wish to display the product description in user's language using the standard layout.




Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

I don't think you can translate the data. As you are asking how can you translate the field value, it means you want to trnslate the data. You can not translate the data. Only way to do it is change the field values by updating records.

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

You can translate the field labels , labels etc using translation workbench, but you can not translate the data entered per my knowledge. As user is entering the data, and are allowed to enter it in any language.


So if you want to get data in other language then data should be entered in that language.




Ankit Arora

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I do not mean translation of field labels. I also understand  that some field values should not translatable.


It will be nice to be able to translate description fields for master data. By master data I mean like the Product data which is not modified by the end user. If I could provide a way to translate the description and even the name field values it would avoid duplication of data.



I am really glad that someone else is also bringing this up as we have exactly the same issue.

Our product descriptions are maintained in numerous languages in SAP R3 but, in SalesForce, there is no possibility to do this.

Instead, we have to create multiple duplicates and assign them to language procebooks instead

Having said that, we cannot use the language pricebooks to filter the list in cases and quotes so we are looking at having to move to a different tool for these 2 areas - this is no what we want but there does not seem to be any choice for us - especially as the case product search is standard so we cannot even develop it to look for a language key on products.

One of the few areas where SFDC does not match up to the business needs