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Chamil MadusankaChamil Madusanka 

Activate Workflows when installin a managed package

Hi All,


I have create a managed package and install that in different environment. After the installation I could realize that the all the workflows had been deactivated in installed environment. So, how can I automatically activate then at installation?

Or any workaround for stop the deactivation when create the package?


Thanks in Advance

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Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

This is the right behavior. And why not? Workflow should be packaged and installed in deactivated state. When you install them on target org then when first time when you activate them it will ask for the "Default Workflow User" also. How it can be set by default.


Also to keep the workflow queue in proper state workflows should be activated after the installation. So overall what is going is right and don't think there is any workaround for it.




Ankit Arora

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