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SFDC Quote

Hello all,


     My company is investigating the Sf quote object, And are wondering how one would do the following:

We want the Bill to and ship to addresses to be imported from the associated account, and a new address (the sold to address) to be imported from the associated opportunity object as soon as someone hits the 'Create New Quote' button.


Thank you for your help,

Greg Coley


You need to write a trigger on quote object using the event after insert so that the address can get copied from acc into new quote fields


I had considered a trigger, but will the information all ready be in the fields when the quote object opens up ? It looks like the quote object isn't inserted until after save is pressed.


Another solution I had looked at was using a button in combination with a 'URL hack' as seen here

http://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?c=09a30000000D9y3&id=08730000000KCYgAAO , although it seems kind of a ghetto way to do it.


I guess you need the fields to be copied only if you save the quote right, if you use after insert in triggert that should work , even the button works but the most efficient way is to do the trigger