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Apex generation Failed: Una​ble to find soap 1.1 address


         I'm working on integration and my client has given me the WSDL file and it uses soap12 service , it doesn't have soap11 but when i try to generate apex classes from WSDL it throws the above exception(Apex generation Failed: Una​ble to find soap 1.1 address).


          I have gone through the following link but didn't find solution to my problem.




Any help appreciated.





Apex class can be generated from the Soap 1.1 services, so as your WSDL contains only soap 1.2 services its failing. You will need WSDL which uses soap 1.1 service.


THx for your reply.

My client has given me the only SOAP 1.2 service  WSDL and client doesn't have SOAP 1.1 service WSDL, what should i do now. what is the alternate approch or any suggestions appreciated.





Hey sfdctrr did u find a solution for this?

i m too facing the same prblm.

pls help.





Check if this helps: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7189134/wcf-basichttpbinding-where-can-i-find-soap1-1-in-wsdl


Else you will need to manually create the Soap request and parse the Soap response using XMLDom class.

Hi sfdctrr,
      This error will occur when we use soap12 binding in wsdl file like the one below
<wsdl:binding name="Service1Soap12" type="tns:Service1Soap">...</wsdl:binding>

If your wsdl have 2 bindings like below

<wsdl:binding name="Service1Soap" type="tns:Service1Soap">...</wsdl:binding>
<wsdl:binding name="Service1Soap12" type="tns:Service1Soap">...</wsdl:binding>

remove the second binding and use the first one that is <wsdl:binding name="Service1Soap" type="tns:Service1Soap">...</wsdl:binding>

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