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Eclipse IDE move app from developer account to sandbox

Hi I have created an application on a developer account  and am in the process of writing test methods for the classes that I have written. Which are not finished.


In the meantime Is it possible to move the  application to the Sandbox version of my enterprise salesforce account? or can I only move it to Sandbox once all test methods have been written?


If it is possible how can this be done in eclipse IDE?


Many thanks 




I say, you can move it even without Test Methods using IDE.


Because, I even moved some code to "Production" also, even without single line of test code.   :) (USING IDE....Important...no restrictions imposed...).  I think this a problem in SF and has to be fixed.








The Force.com IDE does not have any special backdoor to your production organization.  The test coverage requirements enforced on the server when you deploy code are applied to the entirety of your code, not to a single class.


Your test methods must cover 75% of ALL the Apex code in your organization (what you are deploying and what was already there), and at least 1% of each trigger, for a deployment to a production organization to succeed.


To answer the original question, yes, the Force.com IDE can be used to deploy Apex code to any Apex-enabled organization (sandbox, production, Developer Edition, etc.).



salesforce.com Product Manager

I am using Eclipse to move a class to develop.
the class,triggers and all is working perfectly in Sandbox.. but when I start the test method, the system gives and error in the code.
How can I solve this problem?
Why the code is working properly in Sandbox and for Eclipse is not correct?