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Login Not Allowed in Force.com Free Edition

Hi All,


I  registered for Force.com Site Free Edition. And I created one sample app. I am facing one issue while configuring Site for public access. I am not able to allow users of my customer portal for Login. When I clicked on Login Settings. It simply says , Login not Allowed.



Can anyone please tell me how to enable this option same as Developer Edition. ??


In developer edition we can enable login by going to Customize --> Customer Portal --> Settings.


But in Free Edition there is not Customer Portal Option.


One more help. As mentioned in docs  , The only difference between Free Edition and Developer Edition is we can deploy application on Free Edition , but not it Developer Edition.


Can anyone please tell me the  procedure to deploy the app on Free Edition  or please refer any doc,  so that I can learn it from there.


Thanks in Advance,

Brijesh Thakur
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Ron HessRon Hess

Free Edition does not come with any Customer Portal licenses, unlike Developer Edition which does.


To deploy an app into Free Edition, use an AppExchange package or the Force.com IDE deploy process.


you would create the App in Developer Edition or in the Sandbox that comes with the Free Edition.