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Getting Invalid Identifier error

public class demods { public List<SelectOption> getItems() { List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>(); for(Streams__c p:[Select p1.Streams__c From Application__c p1])<-Error Displays Here { Application__c.add(p1.Streams__c); } List<String> Streams__c = new List<String>(Streams__c); for(integer i=0; i<Streams__c.size(); i++){ options.add(new SelectOption(Streams__c[i],Streams__c[i])); } options.add(new SelectOption('All Lunch Choices','All Lunch Choices')); return options; } }

Error: Compile Error: Invalid identifier: Streams__c




 I' m trying a code get the values from one field in an object and trying to display the unique values but whenever i saved it i'm getting the error message INVALID IDENTIFIER.Can anyone help me to solve this problem


Two things to check:


  1. Does an S-Object named Streams__c exist?  The loop on the erroneous line is creating a variable of type Streams__c.
  2. Your query on the erroneous line is being run on the Application__c custom object, but you're creating a variable of type Streams__c, which is incorrect.
The next issue that I see in this code is that you're doing Application__c.add(p1.Streams__c); but Application__c is NOT a list, and p1 is NOT a variable/object.



Some time this error comes if you are using any variable name with '__' like 


public static String START__END_VALIDATION_MSG = 'End date  may not be less than Start date' ;


Here is consider it as an API name so fire error.