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Save Content in a Form and Then Resume Work

Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anybody had this sort of requirement. Just like the popular online tax forms, how can I save the content in a form to resume work later?


I plan to have series of screens/forms to collect data over a course of weeks. I would imagine when the user signs off for the day, he/she would "save" and the next day, he/she would enter in the Id and be lead to the existing online form to resume from where he/she left off.


I wanted to build this with VF flow and can see how it can be done, but the problem is addressing partially complete scenarios and how to recover from where the user left off.


Ideally, a plug-in to VF would be amazing, but I am limited in my APEX skills.


Can anyone provide a suggestion or workaround?


Thank u!




I don't know that a visual workflow is the right answer but it might be. It depends on where the data is being stored. If it's in a single object the user can just go in and add more info to the record on a subsequent transaction (provided you supply values for the required fields initially. If the data is being stored in multiple objects I think you answer lies in the wizard example in the Visualforce Developers guide: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/Content/pages_quick_start_wizard.htm. A simple list view on the object will show all the records the user has created and they can select the one they want to keep working on. This is standard functionality.