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Mit PatelMit Patel 

Lead Name

Hi All,


In Lead pagelayout when i double click on name field. popup box open. this box contains


FirstName : [male/female] [firstnamevalue]

LastName : [lastnamevalue]


i need to change like


Gender : [Male/female]

FirstNam : [fristnameValue]

LastName : [lastNamevalue]


is this possible ?



These are all standard fields and it seems you want to change the SALUTATION to GENDER, right?

One possible workaround that you can go for is:


1. Change the label of the SALUTATION field to GENDER (Under Tab Names and Labels-->Rename Tabs and Labels-->Leads-->Salutation

2. Once done, you can then edit this drop down and replace the existing values with Male and Female


However, I don't think you will be able to change the order of their appearance when you do a double click on the record (using inline editing) as these are all standard fields and field order cannot be changed in the inline edit view.


Hope this helps!

Mit PatelMit Patel

Thanks CloudKnight


Yes i need to change inline editing order. but its standard field so i cant change it.