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Insert/Upsert to Custom Object and set Owner with an External ID

I am looking for a way to import records to a custom object "Expense" and set the Owner by referencing an external ID on User.


So far, the only thing I have found that can do this is the custom object import wizard, and that isn't going to work because we need to do this daily and you can't save a map or set constants.


I appears that this can't be done with Data Loader (SF), Jitterbit Dataloader, or even DemandTools.


Here is a screenshot that shows how this works with the import wizard: http://www.screencast.com/t/apHyBg1W


Any suggestions on a tool that can do the same? If I can't find anything, I think I'll have to build a trigger to update the owners after insertion.

Wizno @ ConfigeroWizno @ Configero

Our dataloader does that, and allows you to save mappings. You can also preview & bulk edit the data before it is inserted. Additionaly, you can choose which field it should match on for the external ID.