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streaming api reliability?

I have seen the following in the documentation and would like to know if I should simply skip using the streaming api for my application?  I need to subscribe for events for new and changing cases.  I will then use that information to notify engineers/managers/executives that a case has changed.  But I can't afford to miss an event.  How do I use this API and ensure that I don't miss any events?  Possible?


The client may not receive messages for a variety of reasons, including:

When a client first subscribes or reconnects, it doesnt receive messages that were processed while it wasnt subscribed to

the channel.

If a client disconnects and starts a new handshake, it may be working with a different application server, so it receives only

new messages from that point on.

Some events may be dropped if the system is being heavily used.

If an application server is stopped, all the messages being processed but not yet sent are lost. Any clients connected to that

application server are disconnected. To receive notifications, the client must reconnect and subscribe to the topic channel.


I am wondering now if these limitations are specific to web base implementations?  Also, were I to check for updated/modified cases, for example, every 15 minutes and compare with what has come across via the active publish/subscribe connection, I am wondering if that would be sufficient to capture dropped events.  Opinions?


If you're worried about missing events, then you might want to look at the outbound messaging feature, which has reliable messaging.