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Remove Dashboard from Home Page

I know that a user can customize the dashboard that they see by going to Setup --> Change My Display ... but I have some users that don't want a dashboard on their home page at ALL ... is this possible?  Can you remove the dashboard display completely?




Yes this is possible. Go to Setup -- Customize -- home -- home page layouts, you either edit an existing home page layout to remove the dashboard or clone an existing page and edit to remove the dashboard from the layout, then assign it to the respective user profile. 


But i am not sure how to hide the dashboard for a few if the users have same profile. 






In addition to prior response, you can create multiple home page layouts and assign them to some user profiles in order you can assign who can view determined info. This could only be possible in an Enterprise Edition Org.


Above solution is not only for Enterprise edition Org but also for Developer and Unlimited editions.