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Report / Dashboard for Single Team

I have a user that is trying to build a dashboard to see the progress of cases for those individuals that report to her.  She is able to do this by filtering by Case Owner Role ... however, when we clone that dashboard and allow another manager to view it as the running user, Manager #2 also sees Manager #1's people.  This makes sense, based on the filter ... but how do we build a report that is dynamic, based on the person viewing it.


If I am Manager #1, I want to see the cases for those people that are below me in the role hierarchy.  Same for Manager #2, Manager #3, etc.   Choosing My Team's Cases only shows cases for which each Manager is on the Case Team, NOT cases for which the case owner is below that person in the role hierarchy.


We know that without dynamic dashboards (which we haven't been set up with yet), we have to clone the dashboards for each user ... but is there a way to do this without building separate reports as well?