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ActionOverrides not retrieved for Standard Object in v18

I'm trying to retrieve the button overrides for the Campaign object using the Metadata API (v18), but I'm not getting any override info in the Campaign.object file.


This could be a package.xml problem, but I can't find any reference in the MetadataAPI docs or anywhere else that suggests ActionOverrides need to be explicitly named in the retrieve package.xml.


If I retrieve a custom packaged object in the same way, I do see all possible override actions. Why is this not working? Is there something I have to do differently with standard objects?



I am also seeing something similiar.


I am using a managed package. I overrode the New action of one of the custom objects from that package and am trying to get the actionoverride metadata using the sfretrieve ant task,


I added the following snippet of xml to my package.xml file:






When I run the ant target I get the following error:


[sfretrieve] Retrieve warnings (1):
[sfretrieve] package.xml - Unknown entity:ActionOverride


Has anyone seen this error and know how I can fix it?




any solution to this? having the same issue.